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 Q1 : Am I eligible for student accommodation?
 A1 : All registered USM students are eligible to seek accommodation. Based on the availability of rooms.
 Q2 : What are the eligibility requirements to apply for accommodations?
 A2 : Students are eligible to apply for hostel accommodation regardless of their student status (registered/non-registered). However, to register and finalise the room, students ought to be registered officially.
 Q3 : I am a married postgraduate Student. My spouse and/or children will be accompanying me in USM, Penang, Malaysia.
How do I secure a family accommodation before I reach there?
 A3 : In this case, students are highly advised to ensure their accommodation before they arrive here. For limited family house units, HAC cannot guarantee students exact time for availability of the house.
Please apply through this link https://forms.gle/3PxnbpZ6EmXmaQdw5


 Q4 : What are the types of student accommodation available?
 A4: At the moment, we have single and sharing rooms available. Only a few rooms offer air conditioner and shared balcony

 Q5 : Which hostel type is better?
 A5 : Choose the type that suits your aspiration of residence and participate fully during your stay.
 Q6 : What are the hostel room types available?
 A6 : The room types for the 7 hostels are as follows.


 Q7 : What is included in a standard hostel room?
 A7 : The hostel rooms are furnished with bed, mattress, wardrobe, table and chair. You have to bring/buy your own pillow, bed linen, blanket and other daily necessities. If you wish to bring any electrical appliances, please obtain the necessary approval from your respective hostel management office prior to bringing them to your hostel room.

 Q8 : What are the hostel rates? 
 A8: Please refer to question 6 above
 Q9 : When and how do I pay the hostel fees?
 A9 : Students can pay their room rents once the fees are visible on their ePayment portal. Payment can be done through.  https://epayment.usm.my/main/ and students must update their payments to their respective hostel management. 
 Q10 : What are the modes of payment for hostel fees?
 A10 : Students can pay at USM bursary counter. For online payment, Students can also use online portal.
Please click the link for payment https://epayment.usm.my/main/
 Q11 : If I’m accepted in any Desasiswa, but I didn’t check-in my room for the whole semester, will my hostel fees be returned? If yes, what are the procedures to do so?
 A11 : In this case, students hostel fees will not be charged until they check-in into their hostels. However, for scholarship/loan holders, students must inform their hostel management to avoid getting charged on the hostel fees to their respective hostel management.
 Q12 : When do I apply/register for accommodations?
 A12 : Students can apply at any time of the year through our online links. However, students are only eligible to register for the rooms after completing the total registration process via the admission department. 
 Q13 : How do I apply for accommodations?
 A13 : https://forms.gle/3PxnbpZ6EmXmaQdw5 (Postgraduate)
 Q14 : Can I apply for both sharing room and single room at the same time?
 A14 : Student can apply for both sharing room and single room at the same time. However, only one room HE/
SHE will acquire.
 Q15 : If I am offered and I have accepted a sharing room and thereafter also offered a single room, can I change
my hostel?
 A15 : Yes. Students have to go their hostel management to settle with their preferred room.
 Q16 : Can I check in advance who my roommate will be?
 A16 : Yes.
 Q17 : How do I cancel my accommodation stay?
 A17 : Students need to clear all the dues and bring the original contract form to the hostel management to cancel
the contract of staying.
 Q18 : When do students get to apply for hostel again?
 A18 : The applications will be available at least two months before the new academic session begins. Students
will be given enough time for appeals in case their application is unsuccessful.
 Q19 : If my Borang A expires, is it possible for me to extend the duration of it?
 A19 : For this case, yes students may extend their duration but with the approval from their school’s dean and
Nerve Centre.
 Q20 : Will final year students be given priority to get the hostel?
 A20 : For most cases, final year students will be given the priority, but based on the availability of the hostel’s
rooms and the quotas allocated.
 Q21 : When do I know I am getting my placement at desasiswa for next semester?
 A21 : Students will get know to their placement at least a month before the next academic session begins. For
appealing, the application will be available for a week after the initial results announcement.
 Q22 : How do I know if I have successfully rejected desasiswa’s offer last time?
 A22 : For this case, student’s desasiswa offer will automatically be cancelled once they press the “Reject” button
in their Campus Online offer.
 Q23 : When will the hostel result will be released?
 A23 : The hostel results will be announced at least one month before the new academic session begins.
 Q24 : Can I apply for hostel only for Semester 2? If yes, how can I apply?
 A24 : Yes students may apply only for certain semesters with the approval from school’s dean and Nerve Centre.
Students can apply through the Borang A.
 Q25 : My school’s courses are 100% via online, can I apply to come back to campus because of inconducive living
environment in my house? If yes, what are the procedures?
 A25 : This case will be referred as special case, students may address this issue to school’s dean and apply to
come back to campus with school’s dean approval.
 Q26 : I’m a Postgraduate student, may I know if I can check-out any time or are there any certain times?
 A26 : For postgraduates, students can check-out any time, but it’s highly recommended to inform the hostel
management at least one (1) week earlier to settle down the payment issues.
 Q27 : Can final year student go back to university even though our course is fully online next semester?
 A27 : Students can only come back to campus if they have special requirements such as laboratory or field work.
However, subjects depend on their school’s dean and Nerve Centre’s approval.

 Q28 : How far is the cafeteria, shop or restaurants from my hostel?
 A28 : All the hostels have their own cafeteria, where students can experience a wide range of foods.
 Q29 : What are the facilities and amenities available at the hostels?
 A29 : Almost all the hostels have prayer room, TV room, Common space, washing machine facilities and also have
pantry equipped with modern equipment.
 Q30 : What are the existing security measures in place at the hostels?
 A30 : For the security measurement USM has 24 hours security force, roaming around the whole campus. In
addition, CC cameras are spotted in the major areas. All the rooms have built-in smoke detector and fire

 Q31 : How long can I stay in a student accommodation?
 A31 : For postgraduate students, residents can stay for their entire duration of study. For undergraduate students.
accommodation is offered based on annual.
 Q32 : Can I request to stay for a shorter period of time than the stipulated period of stay?
 A32 : Yes. (subject to the decision of HAC).

 Q33 : I am unable to secure a student accommodation. What are my alternatives?
 A33 : If you are unsuccessful in your application for USM in-campus accommodation you are advised to source
for alternative private off-campus accommodations. If you wish to appeal for special consideration you may
contact Housing Accommodation Centre (HAC) via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the event of withdrawals and rejections, such vacancies will be reoffered to you. This reoffer process may
stretch into the semester. If you are urgently in need of an accommodation, we strongly advise you to look
for alternative accommodations.

 Q34 : Can I keep pets in my hostel?
 A34 : Keeping pets is not allowed inside the hostel premises.
 Q35 : Can I use my personal electronic appliances like air conditioner, microwave or gas cooker?
 A35 : Certain things are not allowed to keep inside the room, without informing the hostel authority office. For
example, Air conditioners, Induction cookers and refrigerators, etc.
 Q36 : Can I have place for my car parking?
 A36 : There are designated place for car parking. However, for space limitation, we cannot allocate your parking
 Q37 : Do final year students get accommodation when applied?
 A37 : All students are subject to the university’s decision as well HAC hostel placement rules.
 Q38 : If I stay off campus, will I be allowed to enter and leave whenever I like?
 A38 : Students are allowed to enter and exit campus with no restrictions. However, in a condition where the
country enforces Movement Control Order (MCO), the university reserves the right to limit access and exit
to campus for safety purposes.
 Q39 : Will I be able to attend face-to-face class or stay in room all the time?
 A39 : Please note that it is subject to each individual school whether classes will be conducted face-to-face or
online. Students are advised to contact their schools to confirm if they will attend physical classes or not.
 Q40 : Can we choose our own roommate?
 A40 : For 1 st year students, the roommate is automatically assigned according to their schools by the hostel
management, meanwhile for 2 nd year and above, this is subject to the hostel management’s decisions.


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